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idís team of qualified, creative, experienced designers know how important it is for landlords to get their property rented, thatís why our strap line is Ďinterior design for rentí. So when you commission id you donít just benefit from our designers expertise in creating a contemporary stylish apartment, you also get our rentals team immediately at work finding you a tenant.  

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You donít have to wait for completion for our rentals team to start marketing your property, they know what those trendy city types are looking for, clean lines, contemporary furnishings and something a bit special. They have intimate knowledge of the buy to let market and understand customers expectations of design, quality, comfort and style.

So next time youíre thinking of getting designers in to furnish your investment property, ask them if they can get it rented for you too.

Give your investment a refresh with our Sparkle Service...

Perhaps you just want some fresh linen, a few new pictures and some cushions to brighten up a tired furnish and help get those tenants knocking on your door. Or maybe the whole place needs a makeover top-to-toe with someone who knows where to be cruel to be kind and has a designerís eye, adding the right things in the right places. Prices start from £500 upwards and we will quote to the needs of your project.

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